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Regina Dawn Akers
NTI Revelation 13 from 7/28/15
at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO:
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Weekly assignment from this audio:
Notice how much you believe the idea
that control (judgment, laws, rules & guilt)
is necessary to make goodness.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Rebekah Moan

Last week I had a conversation with someone about sounds and mantras and why is “om” used in so many of them?

The short answer is “om,” also spelled “aum,” is the sound of the universe. By the way, this isn’t limited to the beliefs of yogis – it also shows up in the bible. In the book of John, starting from the first verse it says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.”

I interpret the “word” here to be synonymous with sound because words are sounds. When I read a word, I’m repeating it in my head, using my voice, so it’s a sound, just not one others can hear, unless I’m muttering to myself.

I thought about using an "om" to illustrate this post but it's not as pretty.
I thought about using an “om” to illustrate this post, but it’s not as pretty.

At first blush, the notion that there’s a sound to the universe and that it’s om seems kind of silly. There are many sounds in the world from refrigerators humming to birds chirping to cars honking, and that sure doesn’t sound like a ceaseless om the likes of which you’d hear in a yoga class.

What’s interesting to think about is how given distance, sounds blend together. From far away, a farmer’s market sounds like a medley of chatter, but when I get closer, I hear kids crying and people asking for chard and couples laughing. Just as all of the sounds of the farmer’s market are blended into one roaring soundwave, maybe all the sounds of the universe are blended into the unified form of all sounds: om. Perhaps what’s going on here is my ears are not sensitive or powerful enough to hear the universal sound, and two, I can’t adequately recreate the sound of om in this human form.

Here’s something else that’s neat about om. Om/aum consists of five symbols: a, the acoustic root of creation; u, the acoustic root of preservation; ma, the acoustic root of destruction; the dot, the symbol of the unmanifested universe; and the crescent, the symbol of the process of manifestation. More succinctly, om is the acoustic root of creation, preservation, and destruction, plus the principle of transmutation from the unmanifested to the manifested. In its very make up om is an encapsulation of the universe! How cool is that?

I find it fascinating that something as complex as the cycle of life and death can be boiled down to a symbol, and furthermore, that symbol is a sound our universe makes. There’s something neat to me about how om is like a seed containing everything within it. That perhaps even things that are seemingly complex are actually quite simple but I don’t have enough information to see them that way.

I dream of a world where the complex is made simple. A world where we use om as an example of how individual differences can be made to blend into something universal. A world where we can decipher om in all the sounds we can hear.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Regina Dawn Akers
In this audio we began an inquiry to discover what mind is and what ego is so that we can see beyond them.
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In this audio I referenced an excerpt from NTI that I could not find during the audio. That excerpt is NTI 2 Corinthians, Chapter 12, the first time self-inquiry presented itself to me. However, at that time I was afraid to look more deeply at mind and beyond mind, so the inquiry did not continue.

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You can listen to all of the Seven Steps audios at this link.

Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers


Tony Samara, author of The Simplicity of Love Meditation returned this month for another Satsang interview with Regina.
This month’s interview covered the following topics:
  • Embracing the creative moment of this now
  • Transcending the inner saboteur
  • Learning to let the Heart make choices for us
  • The connection between the brain and choices
  • Realizing who I am
  • The Keys to Meditation

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Listen to the June Satsang with Tony

Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers

Beautiful Retreat Center Campus
at the Edge of the Rocky Mountains




The Grounds


The Church


Lots of Deer on Campus


Many Quiet Places to Sit




Beautiful Scenery


Several Hiking Trails Nearby


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Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers

LasVegasParis-BallonOpportunity to Buy Tickets at the Pre-Launch Price of $449!

The 2016 ACIM Conference has not been formally launched yet. However, as one of the presenters at the conference, I have permission to offer you the opportunity to purchase tickets at a pre-launch discount price of $449.

Note: Once the conference is formally launched, the price will go up to $499, and then the price will continue to rise every few months until the actual conference in April 2016.

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To get your tickets at the pre-lauch price of $449,
email Community Miracles Center at
or call them at (415) 621-2556.

Be sure to tell them you were inspired by Regina Dawn Akers
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List of Presenters:

Regina Dawn Akers
Jerry Cusimano
Candace Doyle and DavidPaul Doyle
Maria Felipe
David Fishman and Veronica Gabrielle Labarrie
 Bill Free and Lisa Natoli
Mary Gerard Lenihan
Larry Glenz and Myron Jones
Jennifer Hadley
Jon Marc Hammer(Jayem)
David Hoffmeister
Yasuko Kasaki
Greg Macki
Maureen Muldoon
Jon Mundy Ph.D.
Mari Perron
Tony Ponticello
Earl Raj Purdy
Amy Torres
James Twyman
Craig Villarrubia and Corinne Zupko


Special note: The conference price includes dinner on Friday evening, lunch & dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. It also includes a live band, “The Unauthorized Rolling Stones” for dance and entertainment after the sessions on Saturday night.

The Las Vegas conference will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel, an off-strip hotel with casino, pool, spa, fitness center, shows and more.


Regina Dawn Akers

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