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Rebekah Moan

A million years ago I saw a refrigerator magnet that said, “You are what you think so choose your thoughts wisely!” I obviously agree with this sentiment – up to a point. A very wise friend said to me once, “The only true thing about a thought is that it’s a thought.” Yes.

I can get very attached to my thoughts, especially the negative ones. I can start to believe the ugly voices in my mind and it’s not always so easy to flip them to positive ones. Sometimes it’s easier to remember I am not what I think and I am not what I identify with. Giving myself some distance allows me to feel better because it’s true – I am not my thoughts, I am beyond my thoughts.

The point of the meditation I practice is to remind myself I am an expression of an infinite loving consciousness – I’m trying to reach a point beyond thought, beyond drama, beyond anything other than pure and perfect love. So no, I am not the insecure child within me, I am not the drama queen, I am not the writer, I am not any of the labels I adhere to because ultimately I am beyond them, I am more than them.

I really can’t express that in words because who I am is also beyond words, so instead I will leave you with a picture as a reminder. Whenever I look at images of space I am reminded I am more than this body, this mind, this life. I am that.

Horse head nebula
Horse head nebula region. This really needs to be viewed on a full screen.
I dream of a world where we remember we are not our thoughts. A world where we detach from our mind’s dramas. A world where we frequently put ourselves in a place beyond words and beyond time. A world where we feel with utmost certainty who and what we really are.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Regina Dawn Akers
We looked at two tools that help us let go of ego and realize Self. Those tools are inquiry and desire to awaken.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Doreen Agostino

This article is in 7 sections such that you can read the bits that interest you the most, and skip over those areas where you already have a good grounding in astrological terms. Source with thanks!

April 2014 heralds a very rare astrological event, where four planets (PLUTO opposing JUPITER and MARS opposing URANUS), are at exact 900 angles to one another, hence forming a Grand Cross in our celestial skies.

The climax of this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 takes place between two eclipses; a Total Lunar Eclipse on 14 April 2014 followed by a Solar Eclipse on 28 April 2014.

Yes this Cardinal Grand Cross may push our buttons, and like a centrifuge forcing to the surface deepest fears, & darkest shadows, all in a melting pot of anxiety, uncertainty, shame, and self-doubt. But each of us has a choice. We can surrender, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, allow ourselves to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. CHANGE is happening, it is here, right now, and is rippling through the field for the years to come.

It is this CHANGE that we have been waiting for. The world is never going to be the same, and that is a good thing so let’s ‘be the CHANGE we wish to see in the world’.

The OPPOSITION of Pluto-Jupiter & Uranus-Mars combined with the respective SQUARING of these planets… is creating a dynamic situation of intensity, conflict and inner-outer tension… compelling us to look deeply within and consider our own moral, ethical & humanitarian values AND how these values may OPPOSE or CONFLICT with what we see playing out on the world stage.

Pluto in Capricorn is about inspiring major transformations in the heirarchial structures of governments, corporations & all those in places of power. With Pluto SQUARING Uranus in Aries we are feeling an intense desire to rebel, revolt and not sit back and take it anymore.  We are so dissatisfied with the lies, deceit, and propaganda, we just want to jump ship and start a new… planet Mars anyone?… I am sure Uranus in Aries could make this happen. Yet at the same time we know from a higher consciousness that running away is futile, as we need to work pro-actively to dismantle & tear-down and then rebuild, restructure and transform from the ground up.

The OPPOSITION of Pluto in Capricorn with Jupiter in Cancer is challenging our values as a humanity, as a global humanity of citizens here to be caretakers of our Earth for future generations.  In the last 150 years our world population has escalated from 1 billion to 7 billion, we now use our natural resources at a 30% greater rate than is sustainable, 55,000 species on planet Earth become extinct each year, every 3.6 seconds a person dies of starvation, yet in developed countries up to 35% of the adult population are obese. Earth is our ‘home’ and all Earthlings are our family, then why do we trash our home and allow some members of our family to starve.  Where are our collective values and why are only some of us actively pursuing kindness, morality, and equality?

The OPPOSITION of Jupiter & Pluto is bringing conflict to our old structures of what makes a family.  We feel compelled to break down the borders and evolve into a unified, yet diversified tribe.  What gives the right for politicians to prevent people from seeking asylum as they escape persecution due to their religion, beliefs, political options or the colour of their skin. What gives our governments or church leaders the right to determine what is a ‘family’. Family is a personal choice (and has nothing to do with gender), family is community (the importance of having a collective voice), family in National (what are our countries values and how do we complement other Nations) and family Global (we are all ONE). How can we LOVE one another, honour our diversity and in so doing live together in Harmony, Prosperity for all & Unity ?

Adding to this eclectic mix of Cardinal Grand Cross energy is the OPPOSITION of Uranus with Mars. Mars in Libra is about action, fighting for justice, truth, transparency, and equality in our lives.  And as noted above, Uranus in Aries is the stubborn freedom fighting revolutionary who has unorthodox ways of making things happen. We want truth & transparency… and yet we have ‘ways of making you speak’ (that is a Maxwell Smart quote.. LOL).

As Mars in Libra SQUARES both Pluto & Jupiter, we are being pulled between forcing the truth to come to light in all facets of the structures of this world, be it politics, the church, corporations & the like. At the same time, we are being pulled to emotionally embrace these structures and try and find a sense of justice in equality that can take us forward into the future. Is this possible, can the current world structure actually support morality, ethics, and self-responsibility. Of what the heck, let’s just rip is all apart Uranus in Aries says and start again!

A most unpredictable aspect of the Mars OPPOSITION & SQUARES with this Cardinal Grand Cross, is that Mars will be travelling retrograde during the peak of this Cardinal Grand Cross in April 2014. Note: Mars moved retrograde at the beginning of March 2014 and will move direct again in the 3rd week of May 2014.

As I mentioned in Section 2, when Mars is retrograde, this ‘action oriented’ planets energy lacks vitality as the energy is inverted inward. It can at times feel as if you are paddling upstream, with endless delays, roadblocks, setbacks and detours dotting your path. It is a possibility with Mars retro, that peoples frustrations of not being able to create change, of being so fed up with lies & deceit and feeling powerless as a result could create internalised anger, bitterness & resentment. For some, this could be like a pressure-cooking building in intensity and set to explode in any moment. Whilst I don’t like to project or give energy to the shadow side, there does remain the possibility of warfare, explosions, and ‘do-or-die’ mentality playing out at the drop of a hat.

The Power of 13
Bringing this Cardinal Grand Cross into an even greater crescendo of energy, each of the planets – Pluto, Mars, Jupiter & Uranus are also sitting at an exact 130 in their respective signs of Capricorn, Libra, Cancer & Mars.

So what does this tell us? During the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment our consciousness is being directed beyond the 3D physical as we awaken through to the 13th central sphere of Metatron’s Cube. The 13th sphere (the central circle) represents death and rebirth, endings and beginnings and is the field of LOVE that permeates through all of Creation in all directions of time and space.

Through the number 13 of the Cardinal Grand Cross our current stellar/galactic/cosmic cycles are working with us to awaken our own individual radars and tune our antennas to a deep and most cherished ancient truth; a cosmic truth built upon the foundations of LOVE and a deep reverence for all of LIFE. People are awakening en-masse to a higher wisdom and transcending the social, political, and religious frameworks built on fear, to co-create a new world based on foundations of LOVE, compassion and unity.

Lunar & Solar Eclipse
As if any of the above energy potentials aren’t QUANTUM enough, the April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross falls right in the middle of a Lunar & Solar Eclipse. For a summary of the Energy of our Lunar & Solar Eclipses… which bring a greater understanding of the potentials of the April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross, and more visit

Other Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014 perspectives

This Grand Cross builds its tension because 4 planets, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are pulling in four different directions opposed or square to one another in a cross.  And of course the Uranus/Pluto square is an important part of this cross, as its revolutionary and evolutionary energies are being stoked. Read more at

The Time of Global Change is at Hand. What is the end of the World for some is a New World for those who realize it is. To surrender logistical mind into galactic awareness is to surrender fear into Love. What was shall no longer be. What was not can now become. Read more at

If you choose to B’Earth a new world cycle without pretenders, align in a spirit of cooperation in person or spirit Sunday Apr 20.14. Details and time at

From Doreen:
I perceive homo sapiens is transforming into homo luminous, which means full wakefulness of who and what we truly are; primordial Conscious Power unbounded in form, going where no HU-man has gone before. HU is allegedly the oldest name people anywhere use to address the Originator of Life.

Doreen Agostino

Kala Ambrose

Becoming An Intuitive Oracle

Temple at Delphi

Temple at Delphi

Consulting the Oracle was a phrase used by the ancient Greeks to speak with the High Priestesses who lived in temples. The Oracles had powers of divination and prophecy and were considered to be magical portals where one could ask a question and receive answers from guides and gods listening on the higher planes. The answers would be communicated through the Oracles and then given to querent.

People from around the world traveled to speak with the Oracles and would wait for days to meet with them and ask their questions. At one point, there were so many travelers at this destination, that it sparked an entire community of local businesses who provided lodging, food and shopping for the travelers as they waited for their appointment with the Oracles.

The Oracles also gave predictions for the future and counseled Kings, Queens, Heads of State, and all manners of people on matters of health, wealth, business, relationships and what the future held for them personally and many times for their country and the world.  Devoted to the principles of the Divine Feminine, these High Priestesses were also revered in ancient Egypt and many other cultures.

crystal ballIn modern times, Oracles are now described as psychics, wise women and healers. In May’s course at Kala’s Academy of Mystical Arts, we will discuss how to tap in to the ancient practices and wisdom of the Oracles and High Priestesses and develop these skills to use in your daily intuitive practice.

The Live Webinar Wise Woman Group Study Course with Kala will be held on Thursday, May 1st, 2014. Contact Us to take the course with Kala.

About the Wise Woman Wisdom Course and The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences:

academy of mystical artsKala’s Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences (AMASS) provides the opportunity for private or group online study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose. Choose your path from a variety of courses, which are based in the ancient wisdom techniques and brought to light for practical use in the modern world.

Each course follows the ancient rituals and techniques where each lesson is introduced to the mind, then experienced through the heart and eventually becomes a permanent part of the soul, carried forth from one lifetime to the next. It could be more accurately described to say that the information is absorbed within to gain new life, rather than committed to rote memory.

Are you feeling the Call of the Wise Woman? The time has come to explore a journey of self-enlightenment, awakening the ancient spirits of the ones who came before us.

I’m offering this One Year Wise Woman Group Study Online Live Webinar Course on how to connect with the ancient energy from the wisdom of the elders. It’s time to explore your goddess roots on a soul stirring journey and discover the magic that lives within you.

During this one year course, we will study together once a month for two-hour group sessions via webinars. You will learn how to create altars, conduct rituals as they were done in the ancient mystery schools, communicate with elementals, read tea leaves, work with sound therapy, celebrate sacred holidays, understand the importance of portal openings, enhance your intuitive abilities, learn to cleanse your aura and your home and office, build thought-forms for affirmations, expand your auric energy, make your own gris-gris (mojo) bags, work with crystals and gemstones, learn about the akashic records and explore astral travel. It’s all here for you to Explore Your Spirit with Kala!

You will receive interactive homework as you practice each segment of the course, which will average about three hours during each month. The complete amount of hours of study for the course will be (60) sixty hours of study, lectures, exercises and interactive practice.



Regina Dawn Akers
We noticed the true Self by looking at and negating everything that isn’t it and by contemplating qualities that point to it.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Kala Ambrose

symbolsdresserOne day while out and about shopping, I happened across this gorgeous chest of drawers with the enchanting symbols carved into the front.  When something speaks to me like this piece did, I know it has to come with me and be part of my tribe.

When you have a reaction to a piece of furniture or jewelry or art that invokes a response of this type, you are connecting with the energy resonating from the symbol. In our aura fields, we retain this information from previous lifetimes, and it is part of our hard wired conditioning that certain symbols evoke these energetic patterns within us.  For example, in my article about the Labyrinth, I mention how the spiral pattern opens our aura and chakras and allows us to see both our past and our present more clearly.  When we feel connected to the spiral pattern, it indicates that we are open to change and looking to move forward in a new direction.  The spiral pattern is often associated with the season of Spring and as I recently taught in the April Wise Woman Wisdom course, when we align the spiral energy using sacred sound and gemstones that align with our aura and chakras, we can activate these pathways and clear them in order to receive the highest and best energy.

ancient symbols carved into the chest

ancient symbols carved into the chest

I’m always fascinated by what people see and feel when they see this piece. Almost everyone focuses first on the round symbol in the middle. What’s interesting is that people see different creatures and shapes within the symbol. Look for yourself, what do you see first?  Some people see two swans with their graceful necks and feathers, while others see two serpents.  Regardless of which image they see, they have a similar reaction, which is this symbol evokes a memory for them of being in an ancient temple, perhaps it was in Greece or Egypt, but always very old and a place where they first learned the wisdom teachings.

This is the same energy that the chest evoked for me and I knew it was meant to come to my office and to safely hold the items that are sent to students who study at my Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences.   Looking further at the chest, the last thing most people notice are the wave symbols at the top of the chest and the bottom. These wave symbols are part of the Ancient Greek symbols called Meanders, Waves, and Keys, which have been used throughout Greek design.

Ancient Greek Sacred Symbols

Ancient Greek Sacred Symbols

The scallop symbol above the heads is another ancient symbol representing the Divine Feminine Wisdom and if you keep looking, you’ll find even more ancient sacred symbols. These symbols are part of Sacred Geometry and are found in nature as well as in art and architecture, similar to the Fibonacci Sequence design.  These symbols radiate with wisdom, power and intention.  When we connect with the energy radiating from sacred symbols, we can draw that energy into our aura to enhance our energy system and we can also charge items with this energy through the symbols.  Each item placed in this chest that goes out to the students of the Academy of Mystical Arts is being charged with the ancient wisdom and universal energy being generated by these symbols.

This is just one example of how sacred symbols can be used in daily life. Interested in learning more? Contact Us to study at Kala’s Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences.


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