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Regina Dawn Akers
This audio is a one-hour summary of NTI Ephesians. In it we learn that we are like our Creator, a process. We also learn the advantage to everyone if we choose to be the process instead of acting like a person.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Kala Ambrose

Colored Chakra Aura“Matter is Energy, Energy is Light, We are all light beings.”  – Albert Einstein

The most profound statement that I could ever teach anyone, and I could spend decades teaching this one statement in greater detail is:

The Breath is The Life

There is a universal force described in the eastern teachings as chi and in the western teachings as universal energy. This chi/energy spirals, some compare it to a DNA molecule. The energy travels downward from the sun, moon, planets, and stars and upwards from the earth, ocean, plants and trees. We are all born with our own personal chi, which begins when we take our first breath at birth. Our chi is unique and emanates within and throughout us as energy. With each breath we draw inward, we bring in the existing chi around us. With each exhale, we release this chi back to the universe.

Let’s think about this for a moment – The chi we breathe in, is taken from the air closest around us.
When we truly understand that chi is pure energy charged with the positive or negative sources we create around us, the awareness of how important one’s thoughts and emotions are become overwhelmingly important. The student sees they are breathing back in the energy they are creating!

This energy is being circulated around each person and is in the energy field emanating from them. This is an important lesson, as it also further explains the law of attraction and how the energy you have created in your auric field is the first thing which is felt by other people, even when you walk into a room.

As an example, have you ever met someone for the first time and felt that this person was unhappy, spiteful, or angry before you even said a word to them? This is because their emotions are spilling forth from inside them and swirling outward around them. In this state, as they are releasing or fuming with anger, they are breathing in the negatively charged air they are creating which serves to add fuel to the fire. It is easy to understand then how one can create and then be trapped in a repetitive cycle of negative thinking and then feel unable to snap out of that feeling.

If you think about these examples for a moment, you will recall old sayings still in use today. After a fight, someone might say, we need to clear the air or I need to get this off of my chest. Someone who has been working too hard might say, I need a breath of fresh air. Or when something just doesn’t feel right, but you can’t place your finger on what it is, you might say, there’s something in the air.

Kala-Ambrose-205x3001Our chi emanates outside of our body in the auric force field which encompasses our body. Learning about the aura of one’s own body, as well as others can be very helpful in many ways. The aura can indicate the health of the body as well as the condition of the mind and soul.  I describe auras to my students as “emotions in motion”.  When you see a person’s aura, and its many colors, you are seeing their current thoughts and vibrations.

The fields of the aura can grow and expand. For some people, this is a temporary expansion, which occurs when they are highly excited, or experiencing energetic emotions of anger and fear or love and joy. Students who work with the various fields of their bodies, can sense when their aura expands and becomes healthier. In addition, they can feel the influence and energy of a person through their aura.


Harold Becker
Rebekah Moan

The number of romantic interludes I’ve had is embarrassingly low. Like, so low many of you would be shocked. However, it was pointed out to me the other day the way I talk about places to live, other people talk about romantic relationships. And then it hit me – what other people experience in their dating life, I experience in my home life.

I have moved 32 times (roughly) in 29 years and in that time I’ve experienced a LOT. I’ve had short-term flings (i.e. sublets); I’ve experienced love at first sight – my apartment in San Francisco – which has now turned into a phantom ex, the one I measure all others against. I’ve also had the experience of my love turning into a nightmare and lamenting how it happened – I’m talking about how my San Francisco upstairs neighbor started playing loud music and I didn’t sleep for four months.

Others date people. I date homes. Maybe I could move here, it looks nice! 

I’ve moved into places that sounded good on paper, places I liked well enough but didn’t love – like my in-law unit in Balboa Park with a yippy dog – that eventually drove me nuts. I’ve remained good friends with exes, such as places in Washington, D.C., and we catch up every so often. I’ve “dated” apartments with kids (i.e. had a roommate with a child), and savored foreign lovers – there is a hotel in Vienna that I go back to year after year with pleasure.

In my current place, it wasn’t love at first sight, but we liked one another, it had all the qualities I’m looking for, but it turns out my apartment can’t commit. I’m sad to say, my landlady blew up at me unexpectedly and asked me to move out before my lease is up. I do have a lease, so I’m not sure when I’m moving, but at the moment we’re in that awkward space of knowing our “relationship” is coming to an end. In the interim, we are linked due to circumstances.

Not to mention I’ve been on loads of first dates (i.e. going to look at a place after first reading about it on Craigslist), attended tons of parties (open houses), and been rejected countless times. And I find myself wanting places that don’t want me – places that sound so intriguing and perfect but can’t be bothered to give me the time of day. And the reverse – places have wanted me that I haven’t.

The feelings that other people have in romance – the hope, the excitement, the euphoria, the resentment, the disappointment, the anger, the heartbreak – I’ve experienced in finding places to live. I bring this up because I’m a teensy bit ashamed of my paltry dating life, but now I see the universe is infinite and unlimited and so I’m having similar experiences in an unconventional way. Unconventional doesn’t mean bad, it means unusual. It doesn’t mean I’m any less equipped to deal with a partner when he comes along because I’m feeling the same things other people are, just in a different way.

I wrote this post because I find the situation to be funny, but also because maybe you think in some ways you don’t measure up. Maybe you feel ashamed because you’re not having the same experiences other people are having. I’m here to tell you, maybe you are and you’re unaware of it. Maybe life isn’t so much about a route or a path as it is about feelings. Maybe every person is supposed to experience hope, excitement, euphoria, resentment, disappointment, anger, and heartbreak, and it’s the emotions that count, not the particulars.

I dream of a world where we don’t discount our emotions. A world where we stop comparing ourselves to others, always coming up short. A world where we realize feelings count more than circumstances. A world where we embrace our unconventional selves.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Kala Ambrose

travelguidekalaambrose2It’s almost my favorite time of year and for the few of you who don’t know this yet, it’s Halloween, well really the entire month of October, ok really the entire season of Fall! 

I love the crisp cool air, the leaves turning and how our thoughts move to the spirit world and all things haunting.  For me, my thoughts are always on these topics, but it’s nice when the rest of the world joins me in the fun! :-)

As “Your Travel Guide to the Other Side”, two of my books,  Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead and Ghosthunting North Carolina explore the haunted history of these deliciously haunting areas. My publisher for these books, created this series called America’s Haunted Road Trip (AHRT), and they feature books on all of the haunted fifty states in the U.S. as well as some of the most haunted cities like my beloved New Orleans. ahrt2014

Each year they tempt us with new offerings and this year they are releasing Ghosthunting Oregon

Author Donna Stewart takes readers to some of the spookiest haunts across the state including Oaks Park in Portland where Ghosthunting-Oregon-193x300visitors have reported a ghostly apparition of a child in the 1970s style dress, O’Kane Building in central Oregon where people have reported seeing “ghostly smoke” and strange lights, and Pioneer Park in Pendleton where some have reported apparitions and hearing voices.

In celebration of the new books being released this year for AHRT, they are offering a giveaway: Three lucky winners will be able to pick any book in the America’s Haunted Road Trip series. That means a chance to win any of their books including a copy of my Spirits of New Orleans or Ghosthunting NC if that suits your spectral fancy. :-)

Visit the America’s Haunted Road Trip WEBSITE to enter now and start planing your very own Haunted Road Trip!

Happy Haunting!




Regina Dawn Akers
NTI 2 Timothy 1 & 2 from 7/22/14
at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO:
Mp3 format
Weekly assignment from this audio:
Try either or both of the following assignments:
~ Be honest about what you are feeling, allow it and look at it as an experience
~ Notice something mind is telling you to do as a type of manipulation or control,
and then don’t do it
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Regina Dawn Akers

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