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Regina Dawn Akers
Dear Friends,
Thursday, October 2, I’ll be teaching a class entitled Miracles in Self-Love. You are invited to join me on Thursday at 10pm Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm UK. The class is free, but you do have to register.
This class is part of the Living A Course in Miracles global tele-class series hosted by my friend and colleague, Jennifer Hadley. I’m pleased she’s been able to find a way to offer you the opportunity to register and listen in at no cost to you.
Today’s class and the future classes in this series are offered to you as a gift. If you cannot make Thursday’s class live, you can register and listen to the class within 48 hours of the live broadcast. The only way to access the audio is to register.
I look forward to joining with you over the phone on Thursday!
Great love,

Regina Dawn Akers

Kala Ambrose


Woohoo, my favorite time of year is here! I love Fall and Halloween and all the holidays that roll along with it through December. 

Last year at this time, I was on book tour with my book:  Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead. I traveled throughout the Southeast on this tour, ending on a high note of the tour in New Orleans, where I was a featured author speaking at the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Undead Conference and Vampire Ball and also the featured author at the New Orleans Witches Ball.  It was truly enchanting!

This year in October, I’ll be in North Carolina, on tour with my book – Ghosthunting North Carolina, which shares haunted and historical information in a fun and friendly way so that families can enjoy learning about the history of North Carolina while traveling and exploring the sites around the state.

halloweenAs Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, I invite you to come explore with me as we check out the haunted lighthouses, forts, and shipwrecked areas of East Carolina where Blackbeard and his pirates still roam. Then we’ll journey across the state and visit the most actively haunted areas of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill and continue west into the Blue Ridge Mountains where the pink lady and her friends await your presence at the Grove Park Inn. 

I’ll be at the Grove Park Inn on Halloween with a book signing there and discussion about the Pink Lady who haunts the Inn.

mix101Coming up next, I’ll be on Mix 101.5 FM on the Gene and Julie Morning Show tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 30th at 6:24 a.m. & 8:54 a.m. chatting about the haunted areas of the Triangle and about my book, Ghosthunting North Carolina. I’ll be sharing information on the most haunted location in Raleigh, NC for all you ghosthunters to go explore!

Call in to the show and share your ghost story with us, I’m making a map of all of the haunted sightings of the Triangle and would love to hear your story!

Happy Haunting!



Rebekah Moan


September 28th, 2014

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In this day and age it’s easy to believe we are the masters of our fates and the captains of our souls. I mean, heck, I can buy a pumpkin year round if I want to. I don’t have to ascribe to a growing season, and I can take a pill to regulate everything from bowel movements to babies. However, I’d like to suggest that we are perhaps unknowingly moving toward, or with, something greater than ourselves.

It’s officially the Jewish New Year (l’shana tova people!) and in addition to being a palindrome, 5775, this is also a sabbatical year. When I read that I literally laughed out loud. Traditionally, the sabbatical year applies to forgiving debts and leaving land fallow, but the spirit of it is rest and release.

I may be the captain of my soul but I'm floating on something. . .
I may be the captain of my soul but I’m floating on something. . .

I laughed because today I am flying to Missouri, or “the sticks” as my mother lovingly says, to have my own sabbatical. My primary purpose for uprooting myself for a few months is to rest. To sleep every day until 10 a.m. when I’ll start work, to take walks in nature, and remove myself from all stimuli. It may turn into a whole year, but the plan is to have my hibernation last for a few months. How perfect that my own sabbatical is coinciding with that of the Jewish sabbatical year! I didn’t plan it that way; I didn’t even know it was a rest year until two weeks ago.

What I love about this is my body, my brain, my something, is syncing up to a natural rhythm and cycle that I have no conscious knowledge of. My body, my brain, my something are taking care of me, are looking out for me, and I didn’t have to try at all. There’s an unseen force that is moving me. As much as I am the captain of my soul, my boat is sitting on water that has its own ebbs and flows. I’m being swept along with something massive and beautiful and poetic.

How refreshing! How relaxing! To not have to be in charge all the time and still be taken care of is a gift. It’s kind of exhausting being a captain isn’t it? To worry about where to steer and how fast you’re going and if you’re veering off course? It’s nice for me to take a step back and realize even when I stop trying I still end up on land. I’m speaking metaphorically, but did you know this also happened literally?

In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl constructed a raft called Kon-Tiki to cross the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian islands to show it was entirely possible that Peruvians settled the area in the pre-Columbian times. He wanted to show by using only the materials and technologies available to those people at the time, that there were no technical reasons to prevent them from having done so. And he did it. On a freaking raft. He smashed into a reef at Raroia in the Tuamotu Islands on August 7, 1947. Sometimes all that’s required of us is to turn our sail in the direction we want to go and let the current take us there.

I dream of a world where we honor the cycles we may be knowingly or unknowingly syncing up with. A world where we understand there’s a cosmic intellect that’s like an ocean current pulling us. A world where we set our sails and allow ourselves to be carried along.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Regina Dawn Akers
In this teaching, we looked at a tool that brings the light of awareness to falsehood so that falsehood and deception dissolves.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Harold Becker

Video: All Nations Love

September 26th, 2014

Regina Dawn Akers

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Regina Dawn Akers

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