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Rebekah Moan

What is “The Truth”?

November 24th, 2014

I am obsessed with “the truth.” Maybe it’s a hallmark of being a journalist, but I’m constantly searching for “the Truth” with a capital T. When people throw out platitudes like “the truth is relative,” and “everybody has their own truth,” I’m unsatisfied because why? Why is the truth relative? Why does everyone have their own truth?

Last week, I wrote about logic versus intuition, and defined intuition as a reflection of consciousness. I also said perhaps the reason why intuition can be wrong is that the reflection isn’t clear and maybe it’s like smudges on a mirror.

Being outside in nature also calms the mind down and allows intuition to come through.

This week I did some more investigation because I wasn’t fully satisfied with that answer. My spiritual teacher says there are “layers of the mind” and this affects the different ways in which humans operate. One layer is responsible for satisfying what we sense through the body. So, for instance, if I’m cold and reach for a blanket, that’s one layer of the mind. Another layer of the mind deals with conscious thought like problem-solving and intellectual reasoning.

The layer I’m interested in at the moment is the layer where intuition comes in. My teacher uses a Sanskrit word that I am sure to mispronounce, but the English translation is “supramental” or “higher mind.” This is the layer responsible for scientific discoveries and creative insight. When the lower levels of the mind are quiet, the higher mind comes through. This is what Michelangelo is referring to when he likened the creative process to “a seizure of the soul” or when Albert Einstein said in reference to discovering relativity, “There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition.”

So what happens after the message gets delivered, if you will? When a person gets an intuitive hit, it still has to filter through their mind and sift through biases and experiences, aka, the smudges on a mirror. That explains why the truth is relative – because each person has their own experiences and biases the intuitive message is coming through. For each person, the reflection of consciousness looks a little bit different.

That means there is an absolute truth, but I am not able to access it because my mirror is too dirty. The quickest way to clean the mirror, according to my teacher, is to meditate because meditation silences the lower layers of the mind and allows a person to access the higher ones. If you can believe it, the layer where intuition lives is not the highest layer of the mind! The higher layers are ones where duality ceases to exist and a person sees everything as an expression of Spirit. But that is perhaps another post for another time.

I dream of a world where we all quiet our minds and allow something greater than us to come through. A world where we understand that behind the relative truth is an absolute truth that maybe we can’t quite see. A world where we each seek to know that absolute truth and arrive at those higher layers.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Regina Dawn Akers
NTI James 1 from 11/18/14
at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO:
Mp3 format
Weekly assignment from this audio:
If you do not know your spiritual aspiration,
look within to discover it.
Once a spiritual aspiration is known,
practice keeping it in the forefront of your mind.
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Regina Dawn Akers

Rebekah Moan

Logic versus Intuition

November 16th, 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about logic and intuition. I notice that for the most part people seem to advocate one or the other.

On the logic side, science and rationality are worshipped. Some people disregard anything that cannot be proved scientifically. If there’s no randomized controlled trial, the thing is full of crap. This is why people say homeopathics are snake oil, despite the loads of anecdotal evidence that say otherwise. Maybe what’s happening is our scientific instruments aren’t sensitive enough yet to measure homeopathics.

I like this picture because it represents a division, but at the same time unison.
I like this picture because it shows division but at the same time unison.

Also, the thing about randomized controlled trials is they’re imperfect and there is often conflicting evidence. In radiology, for instance, a subject I am very familiar with as writing about CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds is my primary source of income, there’s a huge debate about breast cancer screening. A study from Canada recently stated breast cancer screening causes more harm than good. The researchers argue breast cancer screening leads to overdiagnosis, or diagnosing tumors as cancerous that may not become problematic. In other words, diagnosing cancer too much.

On the other hand, there are also randomized controlled trials stating the opposite, that breast cancer screening causes early diagnosis, i.e., catching a cancer early, and not overdiagnosis. Advocates vehemently argue the true harm to women is from these scientific studies that scare women into believing they don’t need their regular mammograms. Who is right?

For those who eschew science and rationality, there’s a belief in the infallibility of intuition, that intuition is always right.  Except, that’s not always true and not everybody’s intuition is equally valid. How many times have we watched a contestant on The Bachelor declare they know they’ll receive the final rose? That “their gut” tells them they’ve found the love of their life and then the person ends up being wrong? Clearly there’s something going on here.

My spiritual teacher defines intuition as a reflection of Consciousness, or Spirit. He also says that meditation leads to a clearer reflection of Consciousness. In that context, it makes sense why people can be off when they say they’re using their intuition; either the person is really tapping into their ego, or their reflection to Consciousness isn’t clear. Perhaps it’s like a mirror and some people have smudges all over it so they can see some of the reflection but not all of it.

I have a tendency to completely accept something a person says if they say it came from their intuition, especially if it can’t be scientifically proved. However, people, me included, are wrong sometimes! I have a brain so I need to use it!

My spiritual teacher also says:

The highest treasure of human beings, distinct from other creatures, is their intellectual superiority. Had there been no intelligence in humans, they would hardly be different from other animals. This philosophical consciousness will lead humanity to greater intellectuality. And this constant pursuit of intellectuality leads one to its furthest limit, where intuition begins. – Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii

Intuition is valued, of course, but so is intellect. Maybe it’s time I start using both logic and intuition. Maybe we all need that integration.

I dream of a world where we don’t accept something as true just because someone said they had a feeling about it. And at the same time, I dream of a world where we understand some things are beyond logic, some things don’t make sense and they may never will. A world that’s not logic versus intuition, but a world that relies on logic and intuition.

Another world is not only possible, it’s probable.


Kala Ambrose

Astral Traveling with Kala

November 12th, 2014

canopy bedHave you ever had an out of body experience?

I remember the first time I did, I was around nine years old. It was late at night and I was sleeping in my beautiful canopy bed, remember those?  My canopy bed was white and my bedspread and the canopy cover had a pattern that was covered with yellow roses. I always felt like a princess every night when I went to sleep in my canopy bed.

On this particular night though, I awoke and as my eyes opened, all I could see was the yellow rose pattern on my bedspread, which appeared very close to my face. At first I thought my eyes were bleary and then I realized that I was somehow looking at the roses that were on the top part of the canopy draped over my bed! I couldn’t understand how I was seeing the top part of my canopy but I knew this was what I was looking at, because I could also see the little toy soldier that my brother had thrown up there, that I had been trying to remove for days.

As I looked around, I saw that somehow I was up against the ceiling of my room. I remember thinking, I wonder if I could see up on the top shelf of my closet and as soon as I had that thought, there I was looking into the closet. This is cool, I thought and I spun around to look at the rest of the room.  As I did, I saw my body lying asleep on the bed and that freaked me out. I hadn’t stopped to consider how I was floating around my room, I had been too caught up in the sensation.  As soon as I saw my body, it frightened me a little and as soon as I experienced that fear, I popped right back into my body and woke up.

Later as I began to study comparative religions and understand the concepts of “out of body”,  “astral projection” and “astral travel”, I realized what had occurred to me during that night. I also began to understand that astral travel is something that we can train ourselves to do.  For most people, it happens unexpectedly, like it did for me finding myself up on top of my canopy bed and for many others, they have an experience like this during a “near death experience”, when they pop temporarily out of their body and watch the scene below them while they are in an operating room in a hospital. Later when they awake from the surgery, they can describe in great detail what was going on in the room to the doctors, which can not be explained in any other way, since they were unconscious at the time and under anesthesia.

kaSince those early days, I’ve gone on to learn how to properly change my vibration and travel out of body. In my twenties, I was given tests by my esoteric wisdom teacher in order to successfully prove that I was traveling out of body and was able to view something occurring elsewhere on the globe. I also studied practical aspects to this work as well such as remote viewing. My favorite type of work in this realm though is traveling to the other side and engaging on the other planes.  

As a wisdom teacher, I share these ancient practices from the mystery schools where each student is taught about astral travel. The astral body is explained as one of the subtle bodies connected by a silver cord that unites the body and soul.  The ancient Egyptians explained the astral body as the “Ka”, the life force and part of the soul body that could travel outside of the physical body.

energy radiating around usIn the October course of Wise Woman Wisdom: Working in Spirit Realm during Halloween and in the Akashic Records, I explained a technique on how to access the akashic records and how this technique can best be accessed during the three day portal that opens during Halloween.

In the upcoming Wise Woman course on December 4th, we’ll explore how Winter Solstice – Transforming Space and Time – Astral Travel can be accessed during the portal opening energy of the Winter Solstice.  

During this webinar, we’ll discuss the deeper meaning of the Winter Solstice as the “rebirth” of the Sun. We’ll also explore how this return to light, showering forth from the sun, moon and stars, can be gathered and infused into your aura, enlightening your mind, body and spirit.  

You’ve been on this journey symbolically since the Fall Equinox in September and now the Winter Solstice heralds the initiation of your light body with the Sun.

During this live two hour webinar, you’ll be able to chat with me and ask questions. We’ll explore how astral travel works and how you can create your own intuitive ritual to connect with the Winter Solstice. Traveling out of the body can begin gently with dreams and guided meditation and visualizations before the full effect is achieved. Psychic self-defense and protective measures must first be assured in order to safely take the journey and we will cover how to protect yourself when doing this type of work.

Are you ready to explore? 

Thursday, December 4th

Winter Solstice Astral Travel

Live Webinar with Kala

7pm to 9pm EST



Register Before November 30th
and SAVE $25.



BONUS GIFT: This course will be filmed during the event and each participant will receive a video download copy of the webinar after the event, along with a PDF booklet guide.


Regina Dawn Akers
NTI Hebrews 13 from 11/11/14
at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO:
Mp3 format
Weekly assignment from this audio:
Notice if you are separating something out as ‘not God’,
and then remember that God is all-that-is.
NTI audios are permanently archived on this page.

Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers
Yesterday I announced the start of a special campaign to raise funds for an Awakening Together Retreat Center in Pueblo, Colorado. Today when I took the mic, I didn’t know what I would talk about. I just started talking. At first, I talked about the retreat center and our budget; it felt a lot like an impromptu member meeting. But then the talkin’ went to the difference between guidance, intuition and ideas. This audio brings clarity about guidance, intuition and ideas, as well as clarity about the vision of a retreat center.
Listen to this audio
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Regina Dawn Akers

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