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Coming Soon: The LOVEolution Game!

April 20th, 2010

Hi everyone. Aaron and I have been working on a new idea and we’re really excited to share it with you! Our idea is to create an interactive game that we can all play. The purpose of the game is to increase our daily experience of love while we actively learn, participate socially and culturally, interact with each other and above all, create more love in the world!

Now, we’ll need your help, because we’ve only come up with a basic framework, so at the end of this blog post we’ll be asking you for your ideas.

Here is the basic idea of The LOVEolution Game:

  • You would log into the game and get access to a massive list of LOVE-inducing activities.
  • Each activity would be assigned a point value according to its level of difficulty, effectiveness and love-generating ability.
  • Each day you would complete as many of these activities as you’d like (and even make up your own) and you’ll get points for each activity you do.
  • These are real-life activities we’re talking about. This game isn’t played online – it is designed to make a real impact in the world.
  • Each activity would promote one or more of the following:
    • Conversation/Social interaction
    • Experience
    • Learning
    • Personal Growth
  • The activities would range from:
    • doing various love exercises
    • giving your time, money, things, love, etc. to others
    • loving your body (i.e. eating healthy & exercising)
    • doing energy work such as yoga, qi gong, etc.
    • working on a goal
    • reading/listening/learning
    • getting out of your comfort zone
    • having a difficult (but necessary) conversation
    • learning from Love Experts
    • beginning (and continuing) a personal growth program
    • resisting a bad habit
    • anything else you can dream of!
  • Each activity you complete will go on your profile page as a record of the love you’re spreading to the world

Here is the great thing about The LOVEolution Game:

Everybody is a winner! Every time you play, and every activity you participate in, you will not only get points within the game, but you’ll actually be making a difference in the world!

Now we’d like your help:

What do you think of this idea? Is there anything you would change? Can you think of any ways to make it even more interactive, more powerful or more fun?

We’d love to hear what you think. Please share your comments below:

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11 Responses to “Coming Soon: The LOVEolution Game!”

  1. Emily Says:

    I just wanted to say I think this is a really great idea! Fun and impactful.

    Obviously increasing the love in your life and the world is its own reward, but if you’re going to have points, do you think the points should maybe lead to something or count for something? Maybe you could have a profile and you would get badges or “trophies” for each points milestone, kind of like on MSN games.

    Also, perhaps you could have “badges” for the different types of love or activity (e.g. as you suggested above, Experience, Personal Growth etc) which can be earned by doing a certain number of points towards them, like in Girl Guides or Scouts. If you know what I mean?

  2. Mike Says:

    Great Idea!

  3. Dana Says:

    This sounds fun! It would help remind me of good things to focus on.

  4. Jency Says:

    Ummm… good idea. Maybe you wouldn’t even need points… perhaps it could just be a place to come together to gain inspiration and ideas about spreading love. There could also be a section where you place your intention for the day and share what activities you were committed to accomplishing. I am looking forward to whatever you create. Be love.

  5. Annie Stoppel Says:

    This has got to work, especially in countries who are being challenged at the moment. Love is the only thing that will be victorious. From South Africa

  6. Justin Carboneau Says:

    Thanks everyone for the great ideas! Please feel free to continue to post your ideas and comments.

  7. Brianne Says:

    Justin – I think that’s a great idea. You’d definitely need to rank the exercises/activities so you can assign them a points value and then you’d have an idea of how many points would equal a new level and badge for your profile.

    Maybe a way to make it more interactive or at least more viral would be to get friends who are not currently on the site involved. Then there can be referral badges and points as well.

    To take it to the next level, and as we discussed at our drink meeting a few weeks back, hosting and participating in local love events (or planning actual LOVEolution events) might also garner points, badges, etc.

  8. Michelle Garrison Hough Says:

    I love the referral points idea. I also think hosting actual LOVEolution events is a great idea. People could have LOVEolution parties or circles. The LOVEolution products could be purchased for and then introduced at the gatherings. I am reading “A Hidden Wholeness” by Parker Palmer. The book suggests something called a Cirlce of Trust to describe a range of activities from a gathering of two or three people to a book study, support group or formal retreat. The Love Game from The LOVEolution could happen virtually on the site 24/7, and then have a model for expansion into our homes and beyond.

  9. angie Says:

    Love this idea. Is it still happening as I’ve just noticed the date this article was first published, two years ago.
    What do you need to make this happen?

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