Awakening Together Fall Retreat – Only Two Months Away!

August 31st, 2015


Awakening Together presents

Three Fall Retreats in Colorado Springs

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Jan Frazier

A Weekend Being with Jan Frazier

Author of When Fear Falls Away & The Freedom of Being

Friday, October 30 – Sunday, November 1

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A Week Within with Regina Dawn Akers

Scribe of NTI & The Teachings of Inner Ramana

Sunday, November 1 – Friday, November 6

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A Weekend Beyond with Bentinho Massaro

Founder of Trinfinity Academy

Friday, November 6 – Sunday, November 8

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Regina Dawn Akers

How Grace is Given

August 30th, 2015

On Thursday, I went to a focus group in the city. It was supposed to be an hour and 40 minutes in which my brain would be picked and my opinions offered. When I arrived at the destination, I was told the focus group over-recruited and I could leave. However, I was paid for my time all the same. Kaching! It was the best possible outcome I could have asked for. Walking out of the building I laughed to myself and called a friend to proclaim, “God really loves me.”

Now, God loves me all the time, unconditionally, but these extra special instances, these moments of grace, demonstrate that love in a tangible way. Some people might say those moments of grace are proof that I'm living in alignment with God's will for me, that I'm a powerful manifestor, or whatever, but I disagree. I had nothing to do with getting dismissed from the focus group – it didn't even enter into my mind as a possibility. I had absolutely zero part in orchestrating that situation.

Grace is really love from the divine.
Grace is really love from the divine.

A few years ago I wrote a post about grace and exclaimed in delight about all the wonderful and magical things that happened to me during a trip to Italy. One example is I showed up to the museum housing Michelangelo's David and was told admission was free as I'm a woman and it was International Women's Day. I didn't plan that, I didn't even know it was a thing. When I told a friend about it later I worried she would think I was bragging, and her response was something along the lines of, “How could I possibly think you were bragging? As if you had a hand in any of that!”

I bring this up because an issue I have with New Age spirituality, or at least my interpretation of it, is this idea that everything is down to us, for better or for worse. Having a good day? You manifested that! Having a bad day? You manifested that too! Sometimes it's true, and our attitudes make a huge difference in how we experience life, but also there are many things out of our control and grace is one of those things.

My spiritual teacher says, “You know that divine grace does not depend on any logic; it depends only on the whims of [God]. If [God] is satisfied with your intuitional practice, with your sincere zeal then He may bless you … Let human beings perform virtuous deeds, practice meditation, serve the suffering humanity, and in return they will attain His grace.”

I know that makes God sound very “old man in the sky,” which is not how my teacher defines God, but language has its limits you know? The point he's making, as I understand it, is we can't control when we're graced or not. All we can do is keep moving ahead on the spiritual path, performing good deeds for others, and then every now and again when the universe deems it so, we'll get to see Michelangelo's David for free or get dismissed from a focus group. But we don't decide when or if those things happen.

I dream of a world where we all experience grace. A world where we recognize grace is a gift and not a reward. A world where instead of saying, “Yes! I created this moment!” we say, “Thank you,” because we recognize the moments of grace for the expressions of love that they are.

Another world is not only possible, it's probable.


Awakening Together Fall Retreat – Bentinho Massaro

August 27th, 2015


Awakening Together sponsors

Bentinho Massaro

Nov 6 – Nov 8 in Colorado Springs

Who is Bentinho Massaro and why attend his retreat?
Bentinho is the founder and author of Trinfinity Academy, an online school for enlightenment and empowerment. Although some people may scoff at the idea of an online school for enlightenment, this online school is merely a medium of communication, just as Jesus’ body was a medium of communication 2,000 years ago. What is taught through this medium of communication is invaluable on one’s path of awakening.
Bentinho spoke about his journey of awakening in a recent YouTube video titled Bentinho’s Journey. In that video, Bentinho says, as he wipes tears from his eyes:
“The future is always in flux, and so what I am about to speak of is in probabilities only; not in certainties. But to give you an idea of what I feel is next for me, is that I complete the Academy and at some point feel totally satisfied with the road map that is left behind, and the individuation [of Bentinho] will start to disappear, most likely.”
Bentinho goes on to share, “There is a probability that I will move into that which I glimpsed more fully, more completely—that the body will be here, that there will be, in a way, still a recognizer of this body, but Bentinho will no longer be. And it’s a very funny experience … non-experience … but it is very complete for me because it feels like being home. And so none of these tears are sadness. They are very, very happy.”
Bentinho has also said that he may not do retreats in the future. It does seem that something very genuine is happening with Bentinho. He has something very precious to share with all of us. Some of what he has to share can be found in his words. Most of what he has to share is in his energy at this time. Those who attend this retreat with Bentinho may discover that being with him now is a very sacred experience.
Retreat PricesDSC_0374
Single rate includes room & meals – $550
Shared rate includes room & meals – $395
Commuter, meals except breakfast – $295
Saturday Only with lunch & dinner – $150

Full details about the
Bentinho Massaro Retreat

I interviewed Bentinho for Awakening Together Satsang last September.
Listen to the Satsang Interview with Bentinho Massaro
The Awakening Together Retreat with Bentinho Massaro will be held at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Optional shuttle service from the airport to the retreat center is available.
Two More Retreats at the Same Location:
Learn more about these Awakening Together retreats, which are at the same location in Colorado Springs:
Jan Frazier, Oct 30 – Nov 1
Regina Dawn Akers, Nov 1 – Nov 6
I hope to see you at the Fall Retreat!
Love, Regina Dawn Akers



Regina Dawn Akers

NTI at the Center for Inner Peace – NTI Revelation 19

August 26th, 2015
NTI Revelation 19 from 8/25/15
at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO:
Listen to this audio
Weekly assignment from this audio:
Love everything.
If you can’t love it, accept it.
If you can’t accept it, allow it.
NTI audios are permanently archived on this page.

Regina Dawn Akers

Awakening Together Fall Retreat – Jan Frazier

August 25th, 2015

Jan Frazier

Awakening Together sponsors 

Jan Frazier

Oct 30 – Nov 1 in Colorado Springs

Who is Jan Frazier and why attend her retreat?
Jan is the author of When Fear Falls Away and The Freedom of Being. Jan experienced a sudden and unexpected shift away from ego toward Self-realization when she was feeling tremendous fear about the possibility of having cancer. In her published journal, When Fear Falls Away, Jan describes the experience this way:
“I was lying there thinking about all of this, when all of a sudden I had this thought to say a little prayer, to ask for help. I said, Could I maybe do this tomorrow without being terrified?
“Who was asking? I don’t know really.
“But the moment I had that thought, I felt something happen, like something physical was lifted off of me. I felt dancing around my head, as if somebody were whirling around me in circles, clapping hands, laughing. Rejoicing.”
Over the next few days, Jan felt like “a plug has been pulled under [fear], and it’s running out, so fast now I’ll soon be able to retrieve it by memory only. … It seems to be fear in general that is leaving me.”
Within a month Jan wrote in her journal, “Today I felt loosely tethered to the ordinary. … Blessings are coming to me now, from the inside, at a quickening pace, and increasingly I look on the world with new eyes. … I am being born. I have never been so alive in my life as I am now. I think I will need to leave my body soon, or else explode, blow into bits, crumble in the fingers of God, be lifted in bites to his mouth, be consumed.”
Jan did not leave the body. However, the awakening experience continued and matured, leaving Jan, who appears to be a rather ordinary person, as a clear teacher of Truth speaking from direct experience.
I get excited when I read Jan’s books. However, I know I cannot quote the entirety of these books in this email. I will say this: Jan has something very genuine to teach about truth and letting go of ego, and she teaches it in the simplest of ways. It is worth it to come and listen to Jan.
Retreat PricesCampusSeating
Single rate includes room & meals – $550
Shared rate includes room & meals – $395
Commuter, meals except breakfast – $295
Saturday Only with lunch & dinner – $150

Full details about the
Jan Frazier Retreat

I interviewed Jan for Awakening Together Satsang last October.
Listen to that Interview with Jan Frazier
The Awakening Together Retreat with Jan Frazier will be held at the Franciscan Retreat Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Optional shuttle service from the airport to the retreat center is available.
Two More Retreats at the Same Location
Learn more about these Awakening Together retreats, which are at the same location in Colorado Springs:
Regina Dawn Akers, November 1 – November 6, 2015
Bentinho Massaro, November 6 – November 8, 2015
I hope to see you at the Fall Retreat!
Love, Regina Dawn Akers



Regina Dawn Akers

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quote #666, cont.

August 24th, 2015
In this audio we looked at how the body, experience and thinking reinforce the belief in the false self.
Listen to this audio
Read along in the journal

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You can listen to all of the Seven Steps audios at this link.

Regina Dawn Akers